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Artisan Chocolates by Fingalix

6 O’CLOCK AT SARAH’s This week at 6 O’Clock at Sarah’s, we introduce you to Artisan Chocolates by Fingalix Fingalix Chocolates is an Artisan Chocolate Company, creating a collection of delicious treats for everyone. Whether you prefer your chocolate Dark, Milky or White, and your fillings hard, soft, crunchy or chewy – Fingalix has the […]

Siegerrebe from Wythall Estate Vineyard

6 O’CLOCK AT SARAH’s This weeks favourite at 6 O’Clock at Sarah’s is our Siegerrebe White Wine by Wythall Estate Vineyard. Wythall Estate produce award winning wines from their vineyard just outside of Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire. Available to purchase in one of our luxury hampers and also in our foodhall:- Siegerrebe White Wine This is […]


6 O’CLOCK AT SARAH’s This weeks favourite at 6 O’Clock at Sarah’s is our Willys ACV Cider Vinegar Shots.  Apple Cider Vinegar Shots by Willys ACV. Not only do they taste delicious but they are good for you too! These shots won’t be leaving you with a sore head in the morning either.. READY TO […]


6 O’CLOCK AT SARAH’s Welcome to our new weekly blog – 6 O’clock at Sarah’s. Here to talk about all of our amazing products..each and everyone of them! It really is full of all the Best Herefordshire has to Offer! This weeks favourite is Herefordshire Sauce by Corporal Nick. ‘HEREFORDSHIRE SAUCE‘ by ‘CORPORAL NICK’. Not […]

Great News at Herefordshire Hampers!

Great News Here! What a great week we have had here at Herefordshire Hampers! I cannot possibly blog this week without mentioning the football – Woo Hoo…It’s coming home!!! Mind you – it wasn’t easy to watch, to say my nerves were frayed is an understatement! But, what an achievement – the first time to […]